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What does it look like to take some of our community’s most at-risk youth to one of the most at-risk areas of our planet Earth? What would happen if we gave a life-altering experience that creates paradigm shift for a young mind thus resulting in a strong voice of advocacy for the future of protecting our planet? In 1993, Chad Brown, Executive Director of Soul River Inc., became a part of an elite 1% of the world serving a 3-month deployment in the US Navy Expedition called Operation Deep Freeze, a joint task operation between NASA, the KIWI Army, and Russia. In the end, Chad received the Antarctica Service Medal from the US Navy. Only 1% of humanity has been able to witness this mysterious, rugged, and intense continent nestled at the bottom of the globe. Claimed as one of the Earth’s largest reservoirs of fresh water and home to some of the richest and diverse ecosystems and wildlife, Antarctica is impacted tenfold by climate changes. The environment and wildlife change rapidly due to the climate alterations. “Spending time on the ice in the most extreme weather
conditions has opened my eyes to a life-long educational experience. Pictures and stories don’t give Antarctica any justice of what is there,” states Brown. From the top of the Earth in the Arctic Circle to the bottom of the Earth in Antarctica, climate change is most revealing and concerning. An expedition to the Arctic Circle aligns impeccably with Soul River Inc’s vision and mission to expose inner-city youth to today’s most direct issues related to conservation, environmental justice, and climate change. We thrive on the opportunity to nourish a new mind to not just the awe of the wild but to the serious and consequential issues that our environment is facing. By providing access to witness this first-hand, inner-city youth will gain a once-in-a-lifetime experience that will most likely alter their life path forever!

The goal of the Arctic Circle/Alaska Cross-Cultural Expedition 2016 is to expose and educate 14 youth and seven veterans from the Portland-metro area to an indigenous culture that relies heavily on the natural world and wildlife for sustenance and sustainability. This is designed to have balance between both worlds therefore we will pair up each Portland-metro youth with an Alaskan youth and U.S Veteran as a life mentor guide providing them opportunities to learn critical outdoor leadership and survival skills, build community, and inspire environmental awareness and education. All of this is done at zero cost to the participants. Soul River Inc believes that cost should not hold back the next generation of leaders and ambassadors to Mother Nature!

Now Soul River Inc is seeking your support, representation, and participation! We want to kick off our 2016 by giving back to those who give to the Soul River Inc organization. Represent community, social justice, and environmental change all in one with Soul River Inc’s limited-edition commemorative 2016 Arctic Circle/Alaska patch. Your donation of $25 or more will support the expedition journey of an inner-city youth or U.S. veteran. If you contribute $75 or more, your financial contribution not only gets you a limited-edition, commemorative patch, you will also be acknowledged in the credit line for our 2016 Arctic Circle/Alaska documentary and other marketing materials for this expedition. This patch is the exclusive patch that the youth, veterans, and staff will be sporting throughout the expedition. It symbolizes community, fly fishing, and the future generation of conservation and climate-change ambassadors. Don’t miss out on your opportunity to be a part of something grass-roots, community-changing, and incredibly impactful. Join the journey with Soul River Inc. Join the journey with the inner-city youth who are becoming the next generation of our planet’s advocates. Join the journey with the recently-returned men and women who served our country with pride and unconditional commitment. Join the Soul River Inc journey!

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