Making Matapiojo Anglers

In March of 2016 Emergent Expeditions and Matapiojo Anglers teamed up to collaborate on documenting an epic fly fishing adventure in Patagonia Chile.  As a result we would like to present this short video that highlights the adventures that can be experienced through fishing with the Matapiojo Anglers team.  For more information about Matapiojo Anglers check them out on our destinations page here -

Contact us to book your next fly fishing adventure to Chile with the seasons  starting again in December 2016!


Exploring Chilean Patagonia Fall Season - Part I: Lagos Remotos

Exploring Chilean Patagonia Fall Season - Part I: Lagos Remotos

"The float tubes were pumped up and an old handmade wooden boat that was tied to a lonely old tree was considered for “rental”.  To rent this mighty three meter long craft it required the whole team to work together to empty out the water that had collected in it from the waves lapping over the stern.  A long stout log, a big rock and some teamwork did the trick and allowed us to lift the bow and slowly dump out the water.  The boat was made of shaped plywood and had hand carved oars set in hand forged steel oarlocks. Two small bench seats provide just enough room for half of our group. After a short test float she was deemed seaworthy by myself and our brave guide Nestor. "

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