Expedition Travel Overview-

At Emergent Expeditions and Matapiojo Anglers fly fishing is our lifestyle so we have made the choice to work on the best waters, with the best guides in the world and we make it a priority to adapt to your schedule and preferred techniques to make your trip to Patagonia truly extraordinary.  Our lodge and location of operations have been strategically chosen to offer you the chance to experience places that will not only absolutely inspire you, but also offer a highly diverse variety of fishing experiences and target species. Every day that you stay and fish at the Matapiojo Anglers Lodge you will be moved by the beautiful scenery, as well as the quality of service and an incorporation of interesting Patagonia culture and cuisine in your stay. The majority of our operation is conducted in places with little to no fishing pressure where you will find the best trout fishing the world has to offer. All of this will come standard with the personalized service and professional quality equipment that you are accustomed to.

Group Size: Maximum 6 guests per week

Target Species: Trout (Brown, Rainbow, Brook), also both Pacific and Atlantic Salmon Species

Season: The Matapiojo fishing season runs from the beginning of November to the end of April

Length of stay: Programs are packaged at 6 days and 7 nights at the Matapiojo Lodge with the option to add additional days of fishing and exploring onto your parties itinerary.

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